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2000 Nautique Super Sport

  • PCM PYTHON 430 HP Engine
  • 2000 Ram-Lin S/A Trailer
  • Boat Has Clean/Clear North Carolina Title
  • Trailer Has Clean/Clear North Carolina Title


EDIT Jan. 5, 2024: We have started this boat's restoration!  Follow along in the Restoration Blog.  It is still available for sale.



This 2000 Nautique Super Sport came from Orlando, Florida, the home of Nautique Boat Company.  It was used there for many years before we acquired it.  The guy that owned it lived down the street from the Cheif Designer for Nautique, and it sounds like the boat was well-maintained.


This boat is in decent, functional condition, but it is tired.  It needs to be thoroughly assessed and some items will need to be addressed.  The gelcoat is faded and in need of a good wet sanding, polishing and buffing.  The red pinstripe is failing and should be replaced, maybe with black instead of red.  The interior is complete, but the skins are getting tired.  


The engine in this boat is the rare and coveted PCM PYTHON 8.2L 430 HP engine.  This engine will make this boat a blast to drive!


This vessel is available for sale as-is, but it is on our schedule for restoration soon.  If you are interested in purchasing it pre-restoration, please let us know!


Our plan: 

  • Remove windshield, disassemble, powdercoat windshield frame, reassemble
  • Remove and powdercoat all other appropriate parts (vent covers, etc.)
  • Remove interior panels, install new factory-style skins with proper logos and replace foam as-needed
  • Check steering cable, and replace if necessary
  • Check throttle and transmission cables, and replace if necessary
  • Check battey cables and replace if necessary
  • Check underwater gear (propeller, rudder, shaft, strut, tracking fins, etc.) and adjust or replace as necessary
  • Thoroughly inspect exhaust system, including muffler and hoses, and check for exhaust riser leaks.
  • Remove dashboard, clean, and test all gauges, replacing if necessary
  • Refinish gelcoat
  • Refinish the teak swim platform
  • All new factory-correct graphics, decals and pinstripes will be installed.
  • Clean carpet, or replace if necessary
  • Reinstall interior panels, windshield, and other interior parts
  • Final water test and preparation for delivery


The following options are available at the request of the purchaser:

  • PerfectPass Stargazer
  • Roswell Hidden Stereo (No Head Unit, Bluetooth Connectivity, LED Lights in Speakers)
  • Bimini Top
  • Custom Boat Cover
  • Underwater Light
  • Heater
  • Shower
  • Engine Compartment Heater
  • Replace Carpet with SeaDek
  • Trailer Restoration

2000 Nautique Super Sport with PYTHON 430 HP Engine

  • We normally expect boats to be picked up at our facility in Mooresville, NC.  We will gladly work with a shipping company that YOU hire to ship your boat, however it is your responsibility to ensure that the shipper is trustworthy, and that you are satisfied with the boat before it leaves our facility.  We cannot be responsible for damage that occurs after boats leave our facility.  

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