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About Silver Cove Marine

Silver Cove Marine specializes in the high-end restoration and sales of inboard watersports boats.  With decades of experience, our team is among the best.

Silver Cove Marine was founded by Jeff Carroll, a well-known inboard boat enthusiast and restoration expert.  Jeff was fortunate to grow up water skiing and wakeboarding with family friends who owned boats, and that is where his love of the boating lifestyle started.  His grandfather owned a 1967 Trojan Sea Skiff on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, and that's where his interest in inboard boats was born.  The combination of towed watersports and inboard boats became an obsession for Jeff, and the rest is history.

Our team has decades of inboard boat experience.  Several of the people on our team worked for many years in the inboard boat manufacturing industry for big-name boat builders, and now they share their expertise with us.  

While we do have experience with a variety of inboard boat brands, Silver Cove Marine specializes in the restoration and sales of Correct Craft and Nautique boats made after 1992.  We do occasionally do restoration work on older boats, or inboard boats of different brands.  

Silver Cove Marine is not a Nautique Boats dealership, and is not affiliated with Nautique or Correct Craft in any way.

Jeff Carroll
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