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This SUPER-RARE 1980 Twin-Engine Fish Nautique was rescued from a barn in Kentucky, where it had spent the last ten years.


Correct Craft only built four Fish Nautiques with twin engines.  These boats were built mostly for Christian camps in the state of New York, where state law required that boats over a certain size that were used to transport campers must be twin-engine vessels.  


We have been fortunate enough to own three of the four twin-engine Fish Nautiques, and we still own two of the three.  The third was sold to a friend here on Lake Norman, so all three will be used here on Lake Norman.


This boat was in surprisingly good condition when we found it, so we decided not to restore this one.  This one will simply receive some preservation work, and will be run as-is.


The original engines came with the boat, but unfortunately they had not been winterized, and they were far beyond repair.  I did happen to have a matching set of original engines from another twin-engine Fish Nautique, so we rebuilt those and installed them in this boat.  They are little Crusader GM 3.8L V6 engines.  It would have been nice to have more power, but originality is key on this preservation project.


Our team assessed all of the safety aspects of the vessel, repaired lots of wiring, installed new bilge pumps, lights, battery cables, control cables, etc.  


The vessel has been test-fired, but we haven't driven it on the water yet.  


This is a boat that will not be for sale, so it is being fit into the scedule as time permits.  We hope to have it all up and functional in the fall of 2023.

1980 Twin-Engine Fish Nautique

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