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2001 Ski Nautique

  • PCM Excalibur 330 Engine
  • PCM 1.23:1 Transmission
  • Continental S/A Trailer
  • Boat Has Clean/Clear North Carolina Title


This 2001 Ski Nautique came from Orlando, Florida, the home of Nautique Boat Company.  It was used by a family on a local lake there for several years before we obtained it.


This boat came in needing an engine replacement and a quick cosmetic restoration.  The previous owner had run it with a failed impeller, which absolutely cooked the original GT-40 that was in the boat.  That engine was run so hot that it wasn't even rebuildable, so we replaced it with an Excalibur 330 that we had on hand.  It also didn't have any decals or pinstripes at all, and the gelcoat was severely oxidized.


The gelcoat has been wet sanded, buffed, and polished, and it looks excellent!  All factory decals and pinstripes are new and look great!  The dashboard has been cleaned, and all gauges have been calibrated.  Both dashboard keypads are also brand new. PerfectPass Stargazer 3-Event has been installed.


This vessel was purchased post-restoration by a gentleman who will use the boat in southern Florida.  This boat will give him many years of enjoyment for sure!


Our Restoration: 

  • Replace transmission cable
  • Check underwater gear (rudder, shaft, strut, tracking fins, etc.) and adjust or replace as necessary
  • Refinish original propeller with Nautique logos
  • Replace the original engine with a rebuilt Excalibur 330
  • Thoroughly inspect exhaust system, including muffler and hoses, and check for exhaust riser leaks. (Muffler checked out OK, but we replaced all exhaust hoses & fiberglass risers.)
  • Remove dashboard, clean, and calibrate gauges.
  • Completely refinish gelcoat to the best level reasonably possible
  • Refinish the teak swim platform
  • Install all new factory-correct graphics, decals and pinstripes
  • Replace Flight Clip bungees on board racks
  • Final water test and preparation for delivery


The following options were installed at the time of restoration:

  • PerfectPass Stargazer 3-Event

2001 Ski Nautique

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