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Dashboard Gauge Replacement for Your Nautique:
Years 2000 - 2002

Starting in the year 2000, Nautique decided to try using fully-digital LCD speedometers and tachometers for the first time.  This was an exciting new feature, and showed that Nautique was striving to be on the cutting edge of technology.   

Unfortunately, over time, most of these LCD gauges have failed.  The issue is in the gauge design.  The tactile buttons allow water to seep into the gauge, rusting the connectors and eventually ruining the displays.

These gauges have been unavailable from Nautique or the gauge manufacturer (Teleflex) for a long time now, and the only option is to replace them with a different type of gauge.

Nautique offers a replacement kit for these speedometers and tachometers, and that is one viable option to repair this issue.  If you choose to install the official Nautique kit, we recommend buying it from our friends at  The cost as of this writing is just under $550.00 plus tax and shipping.  The official Nautique kit ONLY contains a replacement speedometer and tachometer, along with some wiring.  No other gauges are included.  With their kit, you have to do the installation yourself, which is difficult since these replacement gauges require the use of a paddlewheel, which your boat may or may not have.  Also, these replacement gauges are a different brand and style than the other dash gauges, so they will NOT match the other gauges in your dashboard.

We offer a better solution that provides a cleaner look (all matching gauges), more accurate gauges (including a GPS speedometer), and a much easier installation process.  Simply remove your dashboard (most connections should be simple plugs that detach easily), ship your dashboard to us, we will replace ALL of the gauges and ship the dashboard back to you.  Then you simply reconnect the wiring and reinstall your dash, and everything will be new, functional, and aesthetically-pleasing.

Here's our process:

  • We receive your package, inspect the contents, and photograph the current condition.

  • We remove the existing gauges.

  • We inspect the dash wiring, and repair any issues found.

  • We thoroughly clean the dash while the gauges are removed.

  • We replace all spade connectors (commonly used by Nautique) with ring terminals with adhesive heat shrink (except the light circuit, which REQUIRES spade terminals).

  • We install the replacement gauges, aligning them properly.

  • We install the wiring onto the appropriate gauges.

  • We test each refurbished dash to ensure that everything is working properly.

  • We carefully package the dash, and ship it back to the customer, providing any special instructions for installation required.

Silver cove Marine wants your vessel to be the best that it can be, and that is why we only use genuine Faria gauges in these transformations.  These gauges carry a manufacturer's three-year warranty, and usually last many more years when properly cared for.

To request this service, simply contact us via our contact link above!

Current pricing for 2000 - 2002 Nautiques is $998.00 + tax, and this includes return shipping to addresses in the continental United States.  Addresses outside the continental United States will require an additional charge for return shipping.

Stock Dash Configuration
Original Teleflex LCD Gauges


Proper Gauge Replacement
Matching Gauges, Verified Wiring, GPS Technology

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