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2000 Nautique Super Sport (Hunter Green / Zephyr)

Updated: Mar 13

We just picked up this 2000 Nautique Super Sport down in Orlando, and the restoration will be starting soon. Follow along in the comments as we give this great vessel a new lease on life. If you are interested in having us restore this one to your specifications, please contact us. We'd love to turn this into your dream boat!

Here's our plan:

  • Replace certain interior panels

  • Check steering cable and replace if necessary

  • Check throttle and transmission cables and replace if necessary

  • Check battery cables and replace if necessary

  • Check underwater gear (propeller, rudder, shaft, strut, tracking fins, etc.) and adjust or replace as necessary

  • Thoroughly inspect exhaust system, including muffler and hoses, and check for exhaust riser leaks. Repair as necessary.

  • Remove dashboard, clean, and refurbish all gauges

  • Refinish the original gelcoat, repairing any necessary areas

  • Refinish teak swim platform

  • Install all new factory-correct graphics, decals and pinstripes

  • Install refreshed propeller

  • Final water test and preparation for delivery 

The following options are available at the request of the purchaser:

  • PerfectPass Stargazer

  • Roswell Hidden Stereo (No Head Unit, Bluetooth Connectivity, LED Lights in Speakers)

  • Factory-Style Tower

  • Roswell Aviator Tower

  • Bimini Top

  • Custom Boat Cover

  • Underwater Lights

  • Heater

  • Shower

  • Engine Compartment Heater

  • Replace Carpet with SeaDek

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Jeff Carroll
Jeff Carroll
Apr 30

Here's the panel all pulled apart for duplication. We'll send this out to our fabricator for reproduction, and then we'll reskin it in the proper colors and mount it. Then the original will be reskinned in new vinyl for the yellow boat.


Jeff Carroll
Jeff Carroll
Apr 30

Today, we pulled apart the back seat backrest from another boat we have, so that the backing panel can be duplicated. That way, we can build the missing backrest for this boat. We used the backrest from the yellow Python-powered Super Sport, after a quick test fit in this boat to be sure it was the proper size. It was a perfect fit.


Jeff Carroll
Jeff Carroll
Mar 14

We completed the engine maintenance on this boat earlier this week, and it runs nicely. Next up is a good cleaning, gelcoat work, decal replacement, and then replacement of some of the interior panels. This is going to be a stunning boat!

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