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Updated: 2 days ago

PLEASE NOTE: This vessel is owned by a client, and it is NOT FOR SALE.

To view our boats available for sale, please visit our Sales Page.

A friend of mine brought in his cool little Ski Nautique 176 for a few specific updates. I love these rare little boats. The Ski Nautique 176 was only made for a few years, and they ski REALLY well.

This one is getting new decals, a dripless shaft seal, a new ignition switch, a GPS speedometer, some dash wiring work, a little engine tuning, and a few other things. Stay tuned as we freshen up this little beauty!

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  • Writer's pictureJeff Carroll

This 1999 Ski Nautique with the super-rare PYTHON 8.2L 430 HP engine option is a welcome addition to our fleet. This boat has every single available option from the factory except the burlwood steering wheel and dash panels. It is the most fully-loaded Ski Nautique I have ever seen, and it is all original with the exception of the stereo equipment that the previous owner added.

This boat was owned by the same gentleman from the time it was new until very recently. A client of ours ended up buying it from him, and that client ended up selling it to us without ever titling or registering it, meaning that we are the second owners according to the records.

The exterior of this boat is in very nice condition. The only things that need to be addressed are the pinstripes (the top and bottom stripes are two different colors, which is not correct), and the swim platform has had varnish on it at some point, so we will need to give it a light sanding and oil it properly. The interior vinyl is a little dingy, so we will attempt to clean it, but we may end up replacing it. The carpet is also stained, so we will attempt to clean that too, but may end up replacing it as well. Other small things like the glove box hinges and engine box mounts also will be addressed. We may also throw a new steering cable in at some point.

Overall this is a beautiful boat that runs perfectly and is a blast to drive!

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  • Writer's pictureJeff Carroll

This 1999 Ski Nautique is one of our stock boats, and I used it as my personal ski boat last summer. It is a good runner, and has GREAT colors. I have decided to do a partial restoration on this boat, and then list it for sale. I am planning to restore the gelcoat, install all new factory graphics, powder coat the windshield frame, do a thorough cleaning on the carpet and interior, and freshen up the dash a little bit. The swim platform will be refinished too. 1998 and 1999 are my favorite years of the "bubble butt" Ski Nautiques. Follow along as we give this beautiful boat new life!

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