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2000 Super Air Nautique with Python Engine

This very rare 2000 Nautique Super Sport / Super Air Nautique is currently under restoration at our facility. This vessel enjoyed a long life in Orlando, Florida before we acquired it, and it actually lived right down the street from Nautique's Chief Designer. The vessel is in decent shape, but we will be doing a full restoration to be sure that everything on this rare boat is up to our standards.

What makes this boat so rare? Well, it is one of very few boats that came from the factory with the 430 HP 8.2L 502ci PCM PYTHON engine. This engine is an absolute beast, and was by far the most powerful engine available at the time. There are only a handful of Python boats out there. I can't wait to get this restoration completed and take this thing out on the water!

Here's the starting point. Don't worry - that aftermarket tower is going into the trash can and a factory-correct New Dimension tower will go in its place. Follow along below as we restore this rare vessel! Sort the comments below by OLDEST to see a chronological timeline of the work we have completed so far.

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